[Audio + Slides] When Databases Meet Big Data and Hadoop – Uni of Tromso Lecture

In this blog-post, I am sharing Audio and Slides of my online lecture about
“When Databases Meet Big Data – Expectations, Challenges and Opportunities”
that I delivered to the grad students of University of Tromsø (Norway) on 13/09/2018.

The lecture provided an overview of what databases have been used for traditionally and with the rise of big data paradigms, what expectations do enterprises and organizations have now from them. With the shift from vertical scaling to horizontal scaling, what challenges germinate in the context of functional capabilities of databases and how does it all align with the expectations from big data platforms which are increasingly being considered for use-cases like ETL offloading and scalable data warehousing. Lastly, what opportunities lie in this niche and what lies beyond.

Here’s what’s covered in the lecture:

  • Introduction to Databases, use-cases and functional capabilities
  • Drivers of Disruption in the data landscape
  • Approaches to scale traditional relational database management systems
  • The Advent and rise of Big Data
  • Hadoop and Big Data key features and propositions
  • How Hadoop penetrated in enterprise and businesses
  • Expectations, challenges and opportunities to use Hadoop/Big Data for Data Warehousing

I hope that you will find this lecture to be insightful:


On the last slide, I highlighted a couple of my resources to learn more about Big Data and analytics. Here are the links to enroll/get my best selling courses and book(s):

Apache Spark:

Scala Programming for Big Data Analytics:

R Programming: