DataWorks Summit 2017 (Sydney) Talk – Alluxio Vs Apache Ignite

On 20-21 September 2017, Hortoworks, in collaboration with leading technology companies like IBM and others, organized their global summit namely DataWorks Summit in Sydney 2017. This summit presents an excellent opportunity for Big Data and Analytics practitioners and experts to be exposed to the leading trends in this landscape. Apart from key note sessions which unveil the strategic vision of technology leaders in this space, a number of breakout sessions and crash courses are also arranged. Breakout sessions, in particular, cover a vast variety of topics from Big Data, Data Science, Data Warehousing to name a few where professionals working in different organizations and open source technologies committers share the latest happenings and best practices.

I was also selected to present in one of the breakout session where I talked about the leading in memory big data technologies. Specifically my topic was about Alluxio Vs Apache Ignite which are extensively employed in Big Data analytics use-cases. Both of these technologies provide powerful caching capabilities to cater for your I/O intensive workloads. Such technologies address a number of challenges that are still lurking in big data domain e.g. addressing the complexity of integrating different compute and storage platforms, off-heap caching capabilities for Spark RDDs to name a few. However, both of these technologies address these challenges somewhat differently and are fit for different set of uses-cases.

In this blog-post, I am sharing the slide deck that I used during the session. I believe that this slide deck will be of help and insight for those who are considering to render enhancement in their respective big data use cases by leveraging such advanced in memory technologies.

Slide Deck – Memory Speed Big Data Analytics (Alluxio vs Apache Ignite)

If you got further questions about these technologies and how you can maximize your efficiency by integrating them in your big data architecture, I am more than happy to chat about it. Send me an email at [email protected]