[Audio+Slides] Scalable Analytics on the Cloud – AWS Meetup, Melbourne

A while ago (specifically in May 2018), I participated in a meet-up arranged at Amazon Web Services (AWS) head-quarter, in collaboration with Deloitte, in Melbourne, Australia where I spoke about Scalable Analytics on the Cloud. I managed to record audio of my session and today I just thought to share that with you all along with the slides that I used.

photos of scalable analytics on the cloud aws meetup melbourne

Scalable Analytics on the Cloud Presentation:

Here’s what you can expect to hear in the presentation:

  • What are the three disruptive phenomena (scalable platforms, analytics, cloud) driving innovation in today’s businesses.
  • Magnitude of value unlocked when you employ those three phenomena in isolation in comparison with when you use them in conjunction.
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of adopting analytics and machine learning in non-scalable vs scalable manner in the context of tool-set, engineering and algorithms coverage
  • How big data platforms like Hadoop is enabling value in businesses and how Machine Learning/Analytics can be done on Hadoop in a proficient manner. What are the challenges when one expedites on it?
  • What are Cloud environments and how do they relate to Hadoop and Machine Learning? What additional values are enabled when you setup a big data platform for analytics use-cases on the cloud environments like AWS or Azure.

and so much more.

Here’s the audio of my presentation along with slides:

There is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to performing analytics/machine learning at scale and this presentation attempts to distil many of those. I do hope that the presentation will be helpful in your respective endeavours in Big Data and Machine Learning niche. If you like, do share with others.

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