[Photos] – Erskin Falls – Great Ocean Road – Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road in Victoria is one of the most globally renowned roads along the south-eastern coast of Australia and spans around 243km. The experience of driving on this road consists of breath-taking landscapes on one side and the mighty ocean on the other. The road passes through many famous spots and there is just so much to explore. Among the wonders found alongside this road are the serene waterfalls which are a real treat for travellers and adventurers. During our recent visit of the Great Ocean Road, we discovered a number of such waterfalls and I just thought to share photos of one of them with you all in this post.

The waterfall in limelight in this post is Erskine Waterfall found in the Otways National Park alongside the Great Ocean Road. Water in this fall cascades from an altitude of around 30 meters and is deemed as one of the highest drops in the region. The glory of this waterfall can be viewed from two lookouts.

Erskin Falls in Photos:

Discovery of this fall precedes a somewhat long walk comprising of steps:

erskin falls steps


Catching a glimpse of the falls from the first look-out:

erskin fall photo lookout


great ocean road waterfalls


and then some more steps (approximately 240 of them):

steps and walk of erskin falls


until you reach the second look-out which provides you a great vantage point to behold the magnificence of this fall:

erskin falls second lookout view



close up of erskin falls in otway park


and the water tends to continue down this path to be ultimately merged in Erksin River:

Otway national park erskin falls



Its indeed a must visit place for those who love adventurous travelling and exploring the natural wonders of the world.